CiE Package

The ECU Education Commission provides a full CiE Package for teaching chess in schools. With this package, we equip educators with a confident start to introduce Chess in Education.

The CiE Package consists of the following:

  1. ECU101 – The SMART Method to Teach Chess Training Course
  2. ECU101 – Training CourseBook
  3. ECU101 – Training Course Extra Material
  4. ECU101 Curriculum – Teacher’s Guide for 40 lessons
  5. ECU101 Curriculum – Classroom Demonstration slides for 40 lessons
  6. ECU101 Chess Driving Licence with Exercises

Training Course

Two-day training course, introducing new teaching strategies and techniques for Chess in Education to improve educators’ chess teaching skills. Certificated by the European Chess Union.

Training CourseBook

The 80-page Training CourseBook covers all the theory and practice introduced in the training course.

Training Course Extra Material

The Extra Material is an addition to the course book, providing downloadable materials from posters to handouts.

Teacher’s Guide

The ECU101 curriculum consists of 40 lessons, based on The SMART Method to Teach Chess training course. The Teacher’s Guide is an easy-to-follow manual on how to introduce chess in schools keeping the Chess in Education approach in mind.

Classroom Demonstration slides

In addition to the Teacher’s Guide, each lesson comes with Classroom Demonstration slides with several diagrams and classroom activities to discuss different topics with children.

Chess Driving Licence

The Chess Driving Licence concept aims to reinforce children’s knowledge with 18×6 puzzles on six different levels with increasing difficulty. (It is a part of a series, more to come in the future.)