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Involve your community! Collaborate with local businesses, chess clubs, and community centers. Together, build a network that amplifies the impact of chess in education and inclusion!

Our Commission has participated in several Chess in Education projects in the past years and wants to support and inspire everyone with ideas from several fields on doing a successful project using chess as an educational tool.

Countries have several funds that you can apply for. Each fund has its special status for what projects they give money to, like research, charity, youths in general, education, sports etc. In Europe, the European Union’s Erasmus+ program supports education, training, youth and sport.

Latest projects:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Chess for Primary Schools (Erasmus+)


Definition of teaching strategy and methodology for AI+Coding+Chess integration
Development and delivery of the Teacher Self-Training
Development of courseware for the ‘Introduction to AI+Coding+Chess’ course
Pilot delivery of the course to #4 classes (2 Italian, 2 Swedish)

Final Conference from Vattenhallen Science Center at Lund University (Sweden)

CGS – Chess: a Game to be spread in Schools (Erasmus+)

The objective of CGS is to strengthen teachers’ competencies with the following specific goals:
1) develop an innovative training protocol, consisting of 4 didactical modules (A,B,C,D) which allows teachers to teach chess independently in the classroom, and train their colleagues to introduce chess without the need for external trainers
2) obtain formal recognition of the competencies acquired by the EU
3) activate a model that expands independently through Peer Education.
In the training protocol, modules A and D are created in CGS, whilst modules B and C are implemented by the CASTLE project (an official EU “Success Story”)

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