Academic Training Course

By | May 7, 2024

On April 26, 2024, the European Chess Union and The University of the Aegean signed a cooperation agreement to offer the Chess in Primary Education Academic Training Course.

After years of dedication to refining the skills and knowledge required for using chess as an educational tool, the ECU Education Commission is excited to be involved in the development of this university course and share our firsthand experiences and insights.

Offering a university-level course dedicated to Chess in Primary Education, not only validates the efforts of the ECU Education Commission’s mission but also opens doors for more widespread adoption of chess in schools across Europe and beyond.

One of the primary focuses of the Academic Training Course is to provide valuable skills, applicable in the classroom for school teachers and chess tutors and deepen their knowledge and understanding of teaching chess for educational purposes in primary education.

This academic training course is primarily aimed at teachers in Primary Education as well as those attending Teacher Training institutions. It is also suitable for chess tutors and educators who are interested in how chess can contribute to education in terms of the social and intellectual development of children.

The course is conducted using the online Moodle platform in English. Students are expected to work independently on weekly set tasks including interactive activities, course content, a reference reading list, video presentations and live sessions.

16 weeks – 20 hours per week

10 June 2024 – 29 September 2024

32 weeks – 10 hours per week

10 June 2024 – 19 January 2025

The training course provides a lifelong Academic Certificate from the University of The Aegean. The academic content constitutes 12.8 ECTS academic points. The “Chess in Primary Education” Academic Certificate and the ECTS points may be used in European and worldwide educational systems.

The fee for the training course leading to the Academic Certificate is 550 Euros. This can be paid in full at registration or in two instalments comprising 275 Euros at registration and 275 Euros at the halfway point of the course. There is a discount of 10% if the full amount is paid at registration. There is also a discount of 10% if five or more participants from the same institution are registered as a group. These discounts cannot be combined. Payments are made electronically to the European Chess Union

Registration remains open till the 17th of June.

For more information please visit the website of the European Chess Union