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Distance Learning

We are super excited to share the launch of the Academic Course, Chess in Primary Education. It is provided within the context of the Life-Long Learning Department of the University of the Aegean. Distance learning allows students from diverse geographic locations to enroll in the course making education accessible to a broader audience. It offers… Read More »

Academic Training Course

On April 26, 2024, the European Chess Union and The University of the Aegean signed a cooperation agreement to offer the Chess in Primary Education Academic Training Course. After years of dedication to refining the skills and knowledge required for using chess as an educational tool, the ECU Education Commission is excited to be involved… Read More »

ECU101 Teacher Training Course, April 2024

🔍Feedback and Reflection: What do participants say about the training course? ☝️Plamen Borislavov Chakov (Bulgaria)The course is brilliant! It covers all the aspects of teaching chess in schools and delivers many useful practical guidelines and ideas. I love it also because its mission totally reflects my core belief about teaching chess! And that is to… Read More »