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How to plan a successful Chess Project?

So, what exactly constitutes a project? A project, in essence, is a defined endeavor set within a specific timeframe, aimed at achieving clear, predefined goals with allocated resources. It’s not merely a continuation of routine tasks but rather an additional layer designed to address specific needs or opportunities. Read more:

Chess and Community

The connection between Chess in Education and Chess in Communities lies in the game’s ability to promote social interaction. By leveraging the educational and community-building potential of chess, communities can create positive environments that support learning, growth, and inclusivity for all. Through chess, communities can empower individuals to develop their skills, talents, and potential by providing access to resources, training,… Read More »

ECU101 – Teacher Training Course, January 2024

🔍Feedback and Reflection: What do participants say about the training course? 🌟 Maria Vasilescu (Romania)I didn’t expect to get so much practical information that I could apply immediately, but I am very glad I did. I recommend it for the following reasons: 1. The facilitators are well-experienced and very eager to share their experiences. 2.… Read More »

10 Years of Promoting Chess in Education

🔍The European Chess Union Education Commission is celebrating its 10th-year anniversary in 2024. A decade of dedicated efforts to promote Chess in Education. Established in 2014, the Commission has tirelessly worked towards its mission of supporting and inspiring chess educators globally. Over the years, the Commission has achieved significant milestones, including the creation of training… Read More »

Fundraising CiS programs

ECU Education has been involved in three major fundraising events for Chess in Schools: Stockholm (2019), Oslo (2019) and Pretoria (2022). The Pretoria fundraising event was held at the Swedish Embassy in cooperation with the South African Chess Charity Entrust Foundation, The Uppsala Chess+ Academy, Star for Life, SASUF, ECU and FIDE. Fundraising is an… Read More »

Planning Successful Chess Project

Whether you are organising a chess club, a chess themed event, a competitive tournament or a school programme, it takes considerable effort to ensure that a chess project is successful. We have considerable experience in organising chess projects and wish to share this with you. It is essential that you follow a professional approach to project management.… Read More »